After many years and many blogs, I am finally taking the time to consolidate a little of each into this one…the one and the only!  You can still get to my others, but I just may not be around much…or at all.  Life has found me pretty crazy busy, but I am loving every second of it!  As mom to my 2 rapidly growing kids, Riley and Emma…that is work enough.  Throw in 3 labs, 1 cat, a bearded dragon, a rat and 4 chickens and of course my amazing hunk of a husband, Tyler, and well…you get it.  In addition to all of that, I wear a few other hats as well.  My passion is educating people on the importance of skincare and providing them with amazing and natural looking safe airbrush tans.  I began Leilani Tan last summer after a scary experience with skin cancer.  I am not cancer free yet, but I am working on it and working to take better care of myself and loved ones.  

I also cook, a lot.  I love to eat clean.  I love to know where my food came from and I try and eat local and sustainable foods.  I am always looking for great co-ops so please share if you know of any good ones!  You can read some of my recipes on my food blog http://www.adailydoseofdelicious.com , that is one place I may still continue to post to as well….we’ll see!  

I also like to take pictures, I am by no means a professional photographer…but I think I do ok…I would love to learn more about photography and I am definitely a Photoshop junkie.  

Fashion is my other passion, as I creep towards 40, I have realized that while my style is evolving it is also so refreshing to realize that I can still hold my own.  Compliments from my daughter are the best, she is my little mini fashionista and always is honest, I would love nothing more than to design a line of clothes that were cute and stylish, yet modest and not too trendy looking for her age, she would be the perfect assistant to do so!  

So, that’s it in a nutshell…just a small town girl living in a not so lonely world….and always thanking God for each andevery day.  




3 thoughts on “About

  1. This is just a note to say, “Thank you.”

    Last night, 36 hours after having Mohs on my nose, I was feeling – well – sorry for myself. I’d had a peek at the surgery site during a bandage change and was overwhelmed by the extent of the incision. Fully 3 times what I’d expected, running from the inner corner of my eye into the nasal fold. Just not what I’d prepared myself for with such a small “spot” being excised.

    Trying hard not to cry (and drench the new bandaging) I stomped a bit, shouted a little, sulked for a while, and finally prayed – *Just asking for some encouragement here, Lord.* Then I went online to see how others had fared and recovered. That’s where I found you. And YOU were my encouragement.

    That someone so young and so lovely could manage this type of insult with such courage and grace was a huge blessing! Huge! So …

    Thank you!


  2. Hope you are doing well! I’ve just been reflecting on my Mohs surgery on the nose almost one year ago. Healing is an amazing and wonderous thing, isn’t it? Thanks for posting your experience and helping others on their journey!

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