Well here I go again on my own…well not really.

I’m not really on my own as so many of you have been sharing this journey with me for so long! I hope that all of you that follow and read my blog and who are also fighting skin cancer, are doing well. I absolutely love hearing from you!

So this blog has turned out to be sort of my health/skin cancer journey blog. This last year has been. I leave it at that, because I’m not entirely sure what it has been. We are still here in the rental house, I still have the chickens, minus several roosters. I have started my own business, Creatively Chaotic. I offer logo design, content creation and branding services as well as some social media management, it’s been going great and I am actually more content with my “job” than I have ever been. In addition, I launched my photography business, and I’m taking courses to learn everything that I can.

2 weeks ago, I went into yet another dermatologist. After my last round and MOHS procedure, and the aftermath of my shoulder just not healing, I decided to try another doctor. Of course, after the examination, he took one look at me in the eyes and said…why does a woman your age (43) have so many skin cancer spots? Um, yeah, that’s why I’m here. For YOU to tell ME. This doctor was VERY proactive, he immediately decided to biopsy 6 spots, 2 on my upper left arm, one on my back (among about 9 other ones, I don’t know what made him chose that particular one) one on my chest, one on my forehead and one on my lower left shin. I didn’t need to wonder, after a week, the results came back, all Basal Cell Carcinomas. He was concerned with the one on my chest, head and leg and sent me another specialist to schedule and immediate removal via MOHS surgery. Which leads me where I am…my surgery is set for Thursday at 11am, I will be sharing and posting as much as possible. I am asking that everyone say a small prayer that the spot on the left leg will be easy to remove, that the doctor will get all of the cancer in the first round, and that the healing process is quick and as painless as can be.

As usual I thought I would share some pictures. This one is of my leg after the biopsy, as you can see it’s right on the bone.  The other one is on my left upper chest area. Interestingly enough, in both areas, I was told that the “spot” was not a skin cancer but a keloid, nothing to be concerned with. Yet here I am a few years later and they are both basal cells…very bad basal cells. Lesson to be learned from this? Don’t always just listen and trust your doctor, if you feel like something isn’t right, then demand that they biopsy it and then make the diagnosis. I can only think that if I had found out 5 years ago, that these spots were cancer, I may not have to go through this today.



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