Well that wasn’t so bad….

A lot of people don’t really understand skin cancer, there are 3 major different types, Basal Cell, Squamous Cell and Melanoma. This morning as I was moaning and groaning and being grouchy because I just absolutely did NOT want to go in for my appointment with my skin cancer doctor, I finally took a deep breath and reminded myself how much worse it could be. My cancer is curable. My cancer isn’t deadly. My cancer doesn’t own me. I decided to suck it up and go deal with it. 

This is what skin cancer can look like. 

Yep, that’s it…those 3 itchy, scabby, flaky spots on my forehead. Those are Basal Cell Carcinomas and most likely due in large part because of my obsession with being tan when I was younger, you know, like last week. Those lines are also thanks to that wonderful sun damage as well. I still like being tan, hence the reason I own my own airbrush tanning business! Anyhow, the spot that you see on the left side of my forehead was the worrisome area. It had been there longer, bled often and had gotten bigger. After my experience with my shoulder I know better than to let anything go too long without getting checked quickly! Going in I had high hopes (very high) that possibly I could treat all 3 spots topically. There are a few different medications that work to stop the growth of basal cells and other precancerous lesions. Unfortunately in my situation the spot on the left side required MOHS, the same procedure I had done on my face and shoulder. So with a deep breath, I went through the prepping process…to me the numbing injections are the worst! However with this one again on my face its a little disturbing to have someone cutting your face open while you are wide awake. Round one….

My initial thought when I saw this picture was “Man, my forehead is deep…who knew?” I’m weird I know! But really I had to even ask if he was close to my skull…apparently not. My doctor now realizes that I act nothing like his other patients!

Anyway after that the nurse came back in and exclaimed that they had gotten it all!! Round one and DONE! I can not even tell you how relieved I was, I didn’t even know that I had been shaking until I realized that I was finally sitting still. So after meticulously stitching it closed I was on my way, this time with a prescription for Effudex as well as pain meds…

So now I’m left with swelling and a temporary “angry eye” from the numbing medicine, but overall I’m pretty satisfied with how it came out. Painfully satisfied. Like someone stabbed me in my forehead but other than that I’m great! 

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend but don’t forget to protect yourself from those evil rays that the sun can shoot your way!  ☀️❤️


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