7-ish days post op

Actually I am about  12 days right now.  I started to post at 7 days and forgot. It sucks, it hurts, it makes me remember to be careful…I am not careful by any means., my spirit is reckless and free and I do not do well being cooped up and told not to move. Do you realize how much you move your shoulder every single day? It’s a lot. I promise. So that was day 7 and we started to notice some redness and swelling…

This is day 9….more redness and more swelling. I broke down and called the doctors office and sent them a picture. They promptly had me on a new, broad spectrum antibiotic. I am keeping it covered daily and using an ointment called bag balm to protect it.

Day 12. Today. I have been over doing it. Today I pressure washed the house and cleaned out the garage. It’s not really hurting so it’s hard to remember I’m still healing. There is more redness and now some bleeding. I have an appointment on Tuesday to have the sutures removed, I have to admit I’m a little worried about infection and what’s going on. I plan on letting it get some air and not bandage it tonight. It’s hard to not be active, especially with having to work and take care of kids…sigh. 

Guess only time will tell how this turns out…once again I feel like my face was a much easier surgery and healing process. 


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