5 days post op MOHS shoulder surgery

So the bandages came off on Friday evening, the steri strips were still on so it was hard to tell anything other than it was pretty swollen. As far as pain goes, this seemed to be a lot more painful than my previous MOHS procedures on my face. My assumption is that I use my shoulder quite a bit more than my face! Anyhow trying to stay still has been a challenge to say the least. I took Wednesday and Thursday off from work and tried an attempt at going back on Friday which didn’t go so well. By lunch time I was in some serious discomfort and went back home to take some pain medicine and plant myself back on my sofa. 

2 days post op-bandage removal

Saturday my family and I headed to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with the kids. If it weren’t for the fact that my aunts from Alabama were in town, I probably would have opted not to go.  Overall, I felt ok, I was achy sore, and tired but most of all I was more concerned about being in crowds and being bumped! Fortunately that never happened. 

This morning we changed the bandage again, this time the steri strips were starting to peel away. After a nice hot shower they came comepletely off and we were able to truly see the incision site. Overal the stitching looks great, I was a little surprised by the overall size of it and concerned about the amount of swelling that is still there.  It is also still fairly bruised., which is to be expected after all of the pulling and tugging on my skin when he was putting me back together. I’m starting to feel a little like Frankenstein! 

So anyway, just wanted to share an update on how it is going and if you are facing something similar I want to let you know it’s not as scary as it seems! It’s definitely not a fun experience and having to sleep on only my left side really sucks….but as they say, “this too shall pass”. 


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