Who’s Your Bestie?

So, watching my daughter grow up is proving to be quite a challenge in my self restraint.  By that I mean that sometimes I just want to shelter her away from all of the ugliness and unfairness in the world and keep her all to myself forever.  Really, what I have to constantly remind myself is that, “she is not me”, God has blessed me with a daughter who is strong, brave, independent, confidant and care free.  She is faithful and steadfast in her beliefs.  She is a fighter and doer.  She is all of the things I wish I could or would have been at that age and I pray she never loses sight of this amazing young woman that she is becoming.  

As usual, the friendship thing has come up in our conversations, it seems that her school has had a BRILLIANT idea to encourage the kids to pick THREE other students to do an exclusive “Friendship Pic” with.  Really?  In what meeting did a group of teachers and leaders of our kids sit around and decide that this was a good plan?  For the past 3 days I have listened to her tell me that so and so was mad because so and so didn’t chose her for their pic. Oh the drama.  I got to thinking and asked her if there were kids that maybe weren’t getting chosen to be in ANYONE’s pictures?  Today she came home and told me she picked 3 random girls that I haven’t heard her talk about much.  At first, I just blew it off…but then, then I got to thinking and realizing that she picked these girls possibly because, maybe not many other kids had.  Yep, that’s my Emma.  

I keep worrying about her.  I keep thinking that she needs a best friend.  That one special go to person.  Yet, that is not who she is or how she was designed.  She is a friend to all. She loves whole heartedly. And, she is wise and older than she seems.  You see, every once and a while I look at her and I see a reflection of myself.  It always catches me off guard because I think she is so much more confident than I was at her age…maybe even now.  But she is doing just fine.  And so am I, just need to take a breath and remind myself that this is all part of growing up…which I guess I’m still doing too.  


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