I Facebook, Therefore I Am?

ImageI’m going through a rough time.  I’ve broken up with a friend…well a lot of friends.  Ok, not really, but maybe kind of.  I, like so many others have decided to take a little Facebook break.  It’s just a break, so technically I am free to see and use other social media outlets… (check Ross on Friends for the definition of a “break”)  You see the thing is, I think Facebook is a time sucker.  Even if I’m not stalking other people (totally never, ever do that) I am clicking on blog posts and recipe posts and advertising for cute dresses and amazing cowgirl boots.  I’m living in la la land of being able to be the next Pioneer Woman/Country Outfitter/Knock Off Wood/ Momastery.  

But really, I’m pretty happy, I’m good with being Kim, master chef of the Benz Family kitchen, wife extraordinaire to my husband Tyler, working diva for a hip hair extension company, part time photographer, wanna be Crossfit Games chick, and friend to many.  So, my decision to take a break from Facebook came pretty easy.  I need a breather.  I want to get things in order, I am the most disorderly person I know…and it drives me crazy, to the point of having to become the most orderly person that I know…even if it only lasts for about a month.  But, here I am, ready to tear things apart and put them back together, all in the name of order and structure and anti-chaos. 

Working from home sucks.  It’s hard.  WAY harder than having an office to go to.  I find myself doing a million other things during the day…hooking up with Facebook is always one of them.  So I decided to go cold turkey in hopes of being able to get more accomplished during the day.  More motivated to work and clean and bake and be the “perfect” working mom, housewife person that I can be…(don’t worry, this too shall pass).  And in taking this little break, I discovered that my friends depend on me.  They will miss me, they will mourn my not posting silly Crossfit posts and recipes and musings about my day.  And that makes me a little sad.  You see, I am a SOCIAL fanatic.  I love people, I love socializing, I love friends…I love making new friends.  Tyler and I have always had an open door rule, we never turn a friend away…and just so I make it clear there is ALWAYS room for friends at our dinner table…any day…anytime!  SO, I don’t need Facebook, you don’t need me to need Facebook.  I just need your friendship.  Without the whole menage a trois.  My friendship with others does not need a 3rd wheel.  If you want to know how I am, call me.  Text me even.  I want to talk to you.  I want to hear how you are.  I want you to send me a picture, old school like…not see a post on Facebook. 

So that is it.  I am off of Facebook.  However, my blogs are not.  So if you are seeing this as a post…it’s just so you know how I am, but I’M not really on Facebook!  🙂 


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