Yes, YOU have the Opportunity NOT to Feel Like 40

Or 45 or 35 or 50 or 65, you get what I’m saying.  I have spent the last 11 months and 7 days stressing and worrying and trying to understand how on Earth I could actually be about to turn 40?  I mean, afterall, I just turned 28 like 2 years ago…so somewhere it is possible that I overcounted?  Right?   Yet, here I am.  About a month a way from the big one, the big 4-0, and oddly enough, I’m finding myself ok with it.  Not every day, but most days, I’m fine.  Maybe it’s due to the fact that nearly everytime I squat down to get something out of a cabinet, my hamstrings and thighs scream at me.  Or perhaps it’s the comments I get from friends about how my butt looks a little bigger or my back twinges when I turn a certain way.  These are all signs that I’m getting stronger not older, little by little.  You see, I watched a video clip the other day of Ashton (Chris) Kutcher, he was speaking at the Teen Choice awards, and while I have always liked him, what he said rang true on so many levels for me…especially with a preteen in the house now!  He stated that “opportunity looks a lot like HARD work”.  And you know what, it does.  For me this rang so loud and so clear in the fact that I have the opportunity to NOT feel like 40, it’s really just a number,  I would rather feel like 28 (remember, that was only like 2 years ago)  so for that to happen then so does a whole lot of HARD work.  

I get so frustrated when I am out or when I read posts on Facebook from friends close to my age and how they blame their health, mood, injury, blood pressure, heart issues, weight…ect ect ect on their age.  Especially now.  Especially since I started Crossfitting.  You see, I am the ultimate anti-Crossfitter.  I was SO against it all.  There was no way you would find me in a BOX…what the hell is a BOX anyway?  I wasn’t going there.  That was too hard, I wasn’t fit enough, I needed to work out first and get to a certain “level” before even thinking of stepping in the door, I was too busy, I hated the gym, I hated lifting, I hated cardio…especially running.  I was JUST fine with my pilates class, that I hadn’t been to in 4 years, or my P90X that I modified to my enjoyment since I had NO one to hold me accountable, and yes then I bragged about all my dates with Tony Horton.  I was that girl.  And now, now I am THAT girl…the one who brags about her 2 unassisted pull ups and pushes herself beyond what she ever no NEVER thought she would do.  I am that girl that gets up before the sun and jumps in the car with her used to be arch enemy to laugh and talk and cheer one another on at a 6:15 am WOD, that “frenemy” has turned into one of the best girlfriends I have had and it’s because we left it all outside when we first walked in the door of that box, we realized that life isn’t about who has the picture perfect marriage, or well behaved kids or clean house or any of the other bullshit us mothers compare ourselves to.  Life is about being around people that encourage you to try.  Life is about cheering another person on when they feel like quitting and you honestly know and believe that they can finish.  I found friends at my Crossfit box that I have never been able to find since I graduated from high school (which remember was a very long time ago) .  

So that takes me back to age.  If you are seriously feeling 40 then there is a problem.  If you feel that you are too weak, too tired, too busy, too stressed, too anti social, too embarrassed to change, ask yourself a question.  Do you want to?  Do you want to change?  Do you want to feel 40 and accept that age is natural and so must be everything that goes along with it?  OR do you want to do something?  Start now…embrace the opportunity NOW.  No matter what your age.  It doesn’t have to be Crossfit, but quit making excuses.  “Opportunity looks a lot like HARD work”, get up, get out and MOVE.  I promise you won’t regret it.  I have had pains in places I never even knew could hurt…but I have also deadlifted 175lbs and scored a few double unders and unassisted pull ups.  My daughter loves that I can now easily throw the 35lb bag of dog food over my shoulder like nothing and has pointed out in public that her mom “crossfits”…I SURE didn’t feel 40 then.  I have Rx’d and set personal goals, I watch my amazing husband and get all giddy when I realize that I have a “mountain of a man” and HE too is also almost 40.  He is a true boss and proves it everyday…and also totally unexpected to me…he is an inspiration.  (Just kidding, kind of) He gives it his all because that is his thing and he brings it.  He is respected and trusted.  I just wonder what the next 10 years will hold for us both…Masters at the Crossfit games?  LOL!  I’m not going to stretch it that far…at least not for myself!  Anyhow, yes, my hamstrings are tight…I deadlifted 155# and rowed a million miles yesterday (at least it felt like it) and yes my butt is getting bigger…it needed to, it was a bit concave…and really, my husband can’t stop looking at it and neither can I…and the other twinges and aches just prove to me that my form and strength needs to improve and will with time and HARD work.  

So, if you are looking at an opportunity and putting it off because you think it’s unreachable and you are making excuses.  STOP.  Just stop.  Go put on your big girl panties and maybe some grips and jump.  Jump, grab that bar and pull…because I once watched a girl cry doing pull ups because she never thought she could…and now, well lets just say that her hard work has paid off and she is one of my favorite people to look up to!  GO GET IT!



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