I’m Raising a G.I. Jane

Last week my sister in law, Jayme came over and asked if she could pick Riley up and take him to see G.I. Joe this week while the kids were out of school for Easter break.  Feeling a little left out, I told her that Emma and I wanted to see it too and of course Tyler (who is known to have a bit of a man crush on The Rock).  SO, we all loaded up and went to see it today, and it was everything I hoped it would be.  The first one was good, but this one was just awesome.  I think the main reason I loved it so much was that the girls in this movie were nothing short of BAD ASS.  And while I was sitting there during one of the first action scenes, feeling just a tiny bit inadequate while Lady Jaye kicked the boogers out of some guy’s face….my daughter was likewise completely enthralled.   She turned to me with wide eyes and said “I LIKE her!”  And that was it, my heart burst with the realization that as much as I love that she is a mini fashionista…she is also her daddy’s girl and she’s a tough cookie for sure.

See, Em loves horses and American Girl dolls, Barbies and dresses, oh and SHOES…but she also loves Crossfit and independence and Duck Dynasty, hunting, big trucks and guns.  In fact the very first time she ever shot a gun was with her cousin and Uncle Scott, he took the girls to a shooting range and of all the guns to learn with, Em shot an AR-15…well….very well.  She brought home her target and it was spot on, perfect, WAY better than her mama can shoot a gun.

em gun


And while I know many people will frown at this and have negative remarks to make, I AM PROUD.  I am all for gun rights, and I will firmly stand up for the right to bear arms and for my children  to know and learn how to shoot a gun and how to respect a gun.  We are raising confident children who are growing up way too fast and will soon be young adults.  I never tell my kids that they “can’t”, instead I try and encourage them to make the right choices and always try to live the potential that God has for them.  It’s not easy, they test and try me at every turn, and often I have to remind myself that I too CAN raise these kids to be strong and confident.

So, since my daughter is going all G.I. Jane on me, and I hope that one day she will be strong and beautiful and BAD ASS enough to kick the boogers out of any “bad” guys face, I have decided that I need to join forces and bite the bullet, jump on the bull, put on my big girl panties…however you want to say it,  I’m finally going to go to Crossfit with my hunk of a husband….this may be my last post, I may die on the mat there….but at least my daughter will know that I tried to be a G.I. Jane too…..


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