Good things come to those who….

Trust.  Oh and wait.  But more importantly, it’s trust.  I have spent the last 2 years going back to school and working through some personal issues with myself.  Personal in the fact that I want too many things and I want them all now.  And no, it’s not monetary objects, it’s just a feeling of fulfillment and happiness and content.  Living off of one income while I have been finishing school has been hard to say the least, but it is important that I finish something that I start.  I am not really good at that, for proof check out Emma’s half painted room, or my sewing machine or the baskets of laundry or….well you get the picture.  I was told by my oh so loving husband in his oh so loving voice that I WILL NOT QUIT SCHOOL this time around.  However, the lack of income and the constant struggle to make ends meet and the stress I see him go through was just too much.  SO, after this last little battle with skin cancer and the realization that I’m not getting any younger, I decided to go back to work…for real work.  I wish that Leilani Tan could be a huge money making, tan producing mecca but alas, it’s a fun little side job for an extra little money.  In my decision to go back to work, I made a promise to myself that I would only go back for X amount of dollars and ONLY do something that I would be truly happy doing. When I came across the job post for an account rep for a major Beauty Trade company, well it seemed too good to be true.  And when I got a response with a request for a Skype interview, it seemed to just be dumb luck…and then when that Skype interview went over really, really well…it seemed scary hopeful that I might just get this job and then after waiting 4 days, countless minutes and seconds….anxiously waiting for a return call that I was convinced I wouldn’t get because it seemed too good to be true…I got the email tonight that I did in fact get the job!  So, I am proud and excited to announce that I am the new account representative for a MAJOR hair extension company in the US called HairDreams.

(Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman, wearing HairDreams)


This in conjunction with Leilani Mobile Tan is everything I love and I am so excited to start this new chapter in my life!  So thank you everyone for hanging in here with me over this past month and seeing me through one of the hardest experiences of my life…but like I said in my last post, I am moving on…ready for the next chapter to begin and so excited to share it with you all!!!



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