One of the things that I have loved the most about this journey through skin cancer and starting Leilani Mobile Tan is the opportunity to meet so many new people.  I have made connections that I would have never had the chance to do.  I have developed relationships via long distance and online with people that I don’t even have a face to match them to.  I have reached thousands of people through my chance to bring awareness to skin cancer by my interview on TV with ABC news, my blog on MD Anderson, and more recently my news article with our local paper the Kingwood Observer, which should go to print this week!

I have also made new friends through this…and helped young girls realize the importance of taking care of their skin now.  All of these things have ignited my passion for writing and reminded me of how much I enjoy being out there meeting new people.   The best thing about it all is that I really LOVE doing what I am doing.  I LOVE the airbrush tanning business and I LOVE being an advocate for skin cancer awareness…I want to do MORE!  And I know I will.  I am already scheming on setting up a team of girls to do the Dirty Girl run in October and represent Leilani!  Be watching for that!

Before I close, I wanted to mention one particularly awesome person that I have met, Lauren Briant.  She came to me awhile back needing an emergency tan…I was able to fit her in, no problem.  Because she said she had a regular person that did her airbrush tans I didn’t think anything of it and wasn’t sure I would hear from her again.  She called me last week and proceeded to tell me how much she loved her tan…which of course I loved to hear!  Lauren is so sweet and humble and during our conversation this time, she told me that she was a singer.  Of course with a 9 year old daughter who loves to sing, I thought that was great and introduced her to Emma.  We later went inside and looked her up on the internet as she had told me that she had an album on Itunes…well let me tell you she is AMAZING!  She has a beautiful voice and I believe she will go far in this business!   Again, I just love my job and everyone I am meeting and a HUGE thank you to all of the people that are supporting me!


4 thoughts on “Opportunities…

  1. Your comments have been really helpful as I have just had MOHs surgery on my nose. First chunk was removed on Tue 12th June 2012 then stitched up on wednesday. I found your blog when I wanted to see how much swelling you get after surgery as my eye started to swell a lot. If you are still checking this page could you let me know if it’s normal for the stitches to look a bit red and be a little itchy by day 3. Many thanks Linda.

    • Hi Linda,
      I do think that is completely normal. Mine were itchy and even looked a little raised and “bumpy”, by the time I got them out though, they looked a lot better. If you don’t mind me asking, why did your doctor wait to stitch you up until the next day?

      • Thanks for the reply Kim. My surgeon Dr Richard Barlow at the Lister Hospital in London, did what’s called slow MOHs. By cutting out the area and putting strips in a chemical overnight the results are ment to be more accurate than fast MOHs where they freeze the strips. The freezing process can damage some of the tissue giving a clear result when it is not. So it was my choice to go for the slow MOHs. I am just glad he got it all in the first go. As I would have had to have a piece cut everyday until its all clear. I had what’s called Lentigo Maligna which is like a large freckle (pigmentation). It’s so nice to share my experience with someone else who’s been there. How’s things going for you? Linda 🙂

  2. Hi Kim, thought I better explain that slow MOHs is better for the type of skin cancer I had which was lentigo Maligna. Lentigo Maligna has irregular borders and can have small roots which grow beyond the pigmented area and are not visible to the naked eye. Normal MOHs which uses freezing can make it harder to see if the samples are clear. That’s why slow MOHs is better for lentigo Maligna. Normal MOHs is fine for basal cell. Just thought I better explain as I didn’t want to worry anyone who’s had normal MOHs. As if it’s not stressful enough! I also read your latest blog, 10 days after MOHs. Just wanted to say don’t feel low you are a very attractive young woman. I know how you feel, like you I run my own business ( an estate agency) I am a bit vain and worry about how I look. I think what if clients are put off by my face, they might not want me to sell their house, sounds silly I know but stuff like that worries me. Then I think get real and be thankful for what I have. I have two children 17 & 9 years and this experience has made me appreciate what I have and to make more time for family. Anyway what I was going to say is try not to worry about how it looks at the moment my doctors secretary is lovely and she said it will take about 6 -8 weeks to heal but it will be more like 3 months before it really heals properly. I have been told to keep the wound moist with fucidin cream and covered as it will heal better. Were you told to do the same? I like your spray tan business. I am really going to miss laying in the sun to get a tan. It’s hats and suncream from now on. It’s been really good reading your story, it certainly has helped me through this nightmare. Thanks Kim. All the best! Linda.

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