Stitches Are OUT of Here…

YAY!  I had my follow up appointment yesterday and finally got those itchy, annoying stitches removed, which is good because I was very close to removing them myself!  It wasn’t a bad experience, it did leave the incision site a little red and swollen, but so much better than having them in!  I know a lot of you have wanted to see how it is healing so, drumroll please….It’s a little blurry, but as you can see just really red.  My lip is still swollen and I only half smile.  I kind of look like I’m smirking, but really I am smiling…promise.  Anyway, I feel so much better now.  My doctor, who by the way is named Dr. Ryan Ahern, wants to do my nose next.  As in end of May…I’m really not trying to put it off, but that is just so soon and I have so much going on with kids and school getting out and Emma’s birthday and swimteam…those are legitimate excuses, right?  Then if I push it to mid June, I worry about healing before my annual visit to see my family in Alabama.  So, that is my big dilema right now, trying to figure out when and how to schedule the next surgery.  The nose will most likely be as big a surgery as my lip…ugh.  Maybe I can convince him to do both of my shoulders or something?  Anyway, guess I will figure it out.

I also made a wonderful new friend through MD Anderson Cancer Center, she and I met and I shared my story about my journey so far with skin cancer and my 3-4 day a week habit with tanning beds.  May is Skin Cancer Awareness month and she would like to tell my story on their website , of course I am thrilled!  I will let you all know when it comes out so you can share it with everyone!  I hope that the idea will be that skin cancer is not just for older people.  This happened to me starting at the age of 23!  I am only in my 30’s now and covered in “spots”.  Be smart and know how to take care of your skin, it’s your most important organ, it’s what protects the rest of you!  I found this link to the Skin Cancer Foundation website that has some good tips on how to reduce your chances of developing skin cancer.  Please take a few minutes and read it!  I’ve got to run, just found out ABC Channel 13 will be at my house in the morning…just a little excited!!!!


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