MOHS Surgery Day 5

Can’t believe that it has been just 5 days…it feels like 5 weeks since I had the surgery.  It is healing up well, just a lot of itching and tightness.  The worst part now is that the swelling in my lip has gone down quite a bit and it is peeling and driving me crazy.  That and the fact that I can’t really drink out of a cup without getting my stitches wet.  I’m actually enjoying a glass of white wine tonight…through a straw.  Oh well.  Here is the latest picture, so ready to get the stitches out on Monday.  I am also meeting with a representative with MD Anderson Hospital on Monday to see how I can help share my story for National Skin Cancer month, I really hope that this journey encourages others to stop using tanning beds and start using sunscreen, as well as airbrush tanning if they desire to have that beautiful dark golden glow! 


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